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About the Register

The Register is an information database for Optmechanical Instruments (Scientific, Medical, Technical and others) with text descriptions, a functional illustrations and industrial products.

The text descriptions are an overview of the instrument including functional operation information. It will contain any design details that would assist in understanding the functional operation. If comprehensive specifications and parameters are available they will be included. Text source and references will be available.

The functional illustrations are not CAD drawing but easy to visualize and comprehend ’line drawings’ with a minimum of ’fluff’. The line drawing will show basic overall configuration and component locations (not to scale).

The industrial products are similar to industrial technical bulletins (not marketing flyers), which have been formally formatted for information continuity. The industrial products will be supplied by instrument manufactures and vendors. Contact information and links will be available (Industrial Products will require an insertion fee).

About The Industrial Products

This register has been created for professionals in the optomechanical instruments field and our ultimate goal is to provide instrument information and solutions to our web site visitors. The more information we can provide the better we feel the site will serve its visitors. If there is a topic relating to optomechanical instrument or engineering or design, that you would like to include please contact us.


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