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An Image Stabilizer has been designed and developed containing a system to neutralize optomechanical instrument shakes (lenses, binoculars, and camcorders).

The Image Stabilizer system con­sists of a vari-angle Prism optical system and contains two transparent plates coupled by a flexible film. It is a sealed unit filled with a high-refractive-index fluid. Horizontal and vertical photodetector signals are fed to a microprocessor. The detected hand movement or other vibration inputs are sent from the microprocessor as input signals to tiny motors. The correc­ting signals provide the motors with instant and continuous adjustments to shape the Prism optical system.

There is also a non-prism Image Stabilizer, which uses tiny gyros controlled by a built-in microprocessor. This Image Stabilizer senses un­wanted camera movement that triggers sig­nals to a magnetic coil surrounding a special group of lens elements. The coil moves the lens group horizontally or vertically to coun­teract shake for maintaining a steady, cen­tered image.

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Reference: Ph: 1-800-OK-CANON; web site http://www.usa.canon.com.

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