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Velocimeter, Doppler, Flow

  A Flow Doppler Velocimeter has been designed and developed using the Doppler principle for non-intrusive flow measurement of an in­compressible fluid in a narrow tube.

The Velocimeter consists of a three-sec­tion optical head and a separate electronics module. Laser Diode wavelength (780 nm) stability is temperature con­trol by a thermoelectric cooler. An optical flat splits the output light beam from the Laser Diode into two light beams, which are focused by a lens.

The middle section of the Velocimeter con­tains a flow tube, which has a quartz window for access to the flowing medium. The focused light beams inter­sect at the desired measuring position in the flowing medium.

The rear section contains the receiver system. This receiver con­tains a photodetector, a controllable iris aperture and a preamplifier.

Source: None Available
Reference: Gregory Getzer, Ophir Corporation, for the Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama

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