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Single Photon Detectors in Visible Range by id Quantique SA

id Quantique’s id100 consists of compact and affordable single-photon counting modules with best-in-class timing resolution. Based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode sensitive in the visible spectral range, these modules are able to detect weak optical signals down to the single photon level. The includes:

- two free-space versions, the id100-20 and id100-50 with a 20um, respectively a 50um diameter photosensitive area.
-a fiber-coupled version, the id100-MMF50, coming with a standard FC/PC optical Input

The free-space and fiber-coupled modules are easy-to-use, self-contained and can be integrated in every optical setup. With a timing resolution as low as 40ps and a remarkably short dead time of 45ns, these modules outperform existing commercial detectors in all applications requiring single-photon detection with high timing accuracy. Besides an extremely fast IRF (Instrument Response Function), the modules have an excellent timing stability up to count rates of at least 20MHz

The id100 consists of an avalanche photodiode (APD) and an active quenching circuit integrated on the same silicon chip. The chip is mounted on a thermo-electric cooler and packaged in a standard TO5 header with a transparent window cap. A thermistor is used to measure temperature. The APD is operated in Geiger mode, i.e. biased above breakdown voltage. A high voltage supply used to bias the diode is provided by a DC/DC converter . The quenching circuit is supplied with +5V. The module output pulse reflects the arrival of a photon with high timing resolution. The pulse is shaped using a hold-off time circuit and sent to a 50ohm output driver. All internal settings are preset for optimal operation at room temperature. No user adjustment is necessary. In the fiber-coupled version, the TO5 header and the optical fiber are included in the housing. The optical input consists of a FC/PC connector on the front side of the module.

For more information regarding this product please contact:

id Quantique SA
de la Marbrerie 3
1227 Carouge
Tel: +41(0)22 301 83 71
Fax: +41(0)22 301 83 79
Website: http://www.idquantique.com
Email: mailto:msales@idquantique.com

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